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Me Made May '15 Pledges


So it's that time of year again, Me Made May, and just like last year, barely signing up under the wire. Kendra and I are here with our pledges, yep, I roped her in on this one! I'll go first...

I, Jen, am signing up for Me Made May 2015 with the goal of wearing something Me-Made 5 days a week. I do not care about repeats because I am a habitual over-wearer and I do not need to wear head to toe Me-Made on these 5 days.

Last year was my first year participating and I'm ready to give it another go this year - with a few changes. Last year I told myself I was going to wear something me-made 5 days a week. I'm keeping that part the same. I don't know if you guys have figured this out about me yet but once I lock onto a thing I like wearing, I literally want to wear that thing constantly, until it wears out or I decide something else is what I should be wearing every single day.

I felt bad about this last year because I was trying to do a photo a day and I was feeling self conscious about having so many repeats you guys had to stare at. To combat me feeling bad about the boring photos my clothes wearing habits result in I will be grouping my photos together into sets when I feel like it. I'll mostly be 'gramming with the possibility of a weekly blog roundup including thoughts on said outfits. I'll definitely do a recap at the end of the month though! One thing about me is certain, and it's take me a long time to recognize and accept this, I love to set extremely rigid rules for arbitrary things and then when I fail to adhere to them I get bummed out, so the theme of my Me Made May is chillin' out and having fun!

Now for Kendra...

I’m a total newbie to Me Made May but I’m very excited to wear as much of my handmade wardrobe as possible next month. So, here it goes!

I, Kendra (right hand lady to Jen at - grainlinestudio.com), sign up as a participant of Me Made May 2015. I endeavor to wear a me-made garment at least 4 days a week.

Why four? It’s kind of a weird number, I know. Here’s the thing: as you all know, I currently work at Grainline. When I’m not there, I work at a boutique in downtown Chicago, where I have to wear a uniform. So, subtracting those days of the week, it leaves me with three days working with Jen at Grainline and one day for me! Four days it is! It will be exciting to get myself out of my usual routine of wearing a red beanie, t-shirt, and jeans (a look that I tend to rock a little too often). Alright, come on, May! We’re ready for you!

So...are you participating in Me Made May this year? If so, have you set any odd rules for yourself based on previous years? Three Me Made May '15 pledge posts I've seen and loved: Gillian's over at Crafting a Rainbow - She's killer at Me Made May and I look forward to seeing hers every year! Jenny's over at Rennous Oh Glennus - I think her idea of not limiting her wardrobe to only Me Mades but instead using the month as a way to really get in deep with her wardrobe and focus on what she loves to wear; then using that data to sew more of those things is totally genius! I might secretly be copying this... Jess' over at La Mercerie - Her post is so thoughtful and I identified with so many parts of it, as I'm sure a lot of you will too. It's so easy to compare yourself to others, especially with so much social media, etc. these days. I love that she gave herself permission to just be her super amazing self! This is something that I think a lot of us should do more often! Alright, start the Me Made Selfies! ;)