making plans, making patterns

making plans, making patterns | grainline studio

I've been hard at work the past 2 weeks making new plans, writing lists, sketching, sketching, sketching, drafting new patterns, testing new patterns all working towards the goal of expanding my pattern shop. I'm not quite in the home stretch yet, but I thought it might be fun to share some of the process here as I get things ready to go. In addition to the new patterns, I plan on expanding the size run on the Tiny Pocket Tank and Scout Woven Tee to 0-14 like the new patterns will be. Eventually I'll do the Kat Dress as well, but that one is much more involved so it may not happen till a bit later. I've been posting some sneak peek photos on my Twitter so if you're interested, follow me over there for those!

I also want to say another thanks to everyone who has supported me so far with pattern purchases. I really love patternmaking (I had better since it's my profession!) and it has been so amazing to see people all over the world of all skill levels making up my patterns with success! Anyway, I'm about to get all sappy here so I'll save that for another post. Hope everyone had a great weekend, stay tuned for more pattern progress in the coming weeks and of course regular posts as well.