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Linden Sweatshirt View B

Grainline Studio | Linden Sweatshirt View B

Pattern: Linden Sweatshirt View B
Self Fabric: French Terry
Ribbing: None used
Size: Straight 6 because it needed to be photographed on my dress form. Typically I would use a 2 or 4 bust graded down to a 4 or 6 at the hip depending on the fit I wanted.

Grainline Studio | Linden Sweatshirt View B

View B of the Linden Sweatshirt is something I tried on a whim while working on the development of the pattern. I'd seen a cropped sweatshirt somewhere (probably Pinterest though I can't remember now) and loved the way it looked on the girl wearing it. She was, of course, super crazy thin and I figured there was no way this would work on me. I had some extra fabric though and figured if I tried it and hated it it would only cost me about $5.

Anyway I tried it and loved it! The trick to wearing a cropped top is to have the right proportions, this top hits around the high hip so even wearing it without a tank underneath wouldn't reveal any skin but you still get the long leg illusion. The other thing that makes this more flattering than just cropping off the bottom is a very slight difference in the length of the front and the back, not enough to notice, but just enough that it makes the top infinitely more flattering than if the front and the back were the exact same length.

Grainline Studio | Linden Sweatshirt View B

For this version of View B of the Linden Sweatshirt I also assembled the entire thing on the serger with the exception of the neckline, where I applied a self binding using the chainstitch function of my coversitich machine. This isn't included in the instructions but I will be covering this on the blog. It's a great alternative for when you absolutely cannot find ribbing that matches your fabric. I'm also undecided on doing a sew along with this pattern.

I have a lot of tips on sewing with knits and finishing things like the neckline but the pattern is so simple I'm worried it will be pretty boring. Are you guys interested in a sew along or should I just move on to other things? Let me know!