Linden Sweatshirt View A

Grainline Studio | Linden Sweatshirt View A Today I'm sharing more photos of my View A Linden Sweatshirt and a bit more info about the pattern. Lets start with the pattern and fabric basics. Pattern: Linden Swea/product-tag/linden/tshirt View A Self Fabric: French Terry Ribbing: Hacci Rib Knit Size: Straight 6 because it needed to be photographed on my dress form. Typically I would use a 2 or 4 bust graded down to a 4 or 6 at the hip depending on the fit I wanted. Grainline Studio | Linden Sweatshirt View A As for construction, this version was sewn entirely on my serger with a line of stitching run around the neckline on my coverstitich machine. The pattern instructions offer tips on sewing with both a sewing machine and serger so if you don't have a serger you're still totally able to make this sweatshirt. Grainline Studio | Linden Sweatshirt View A A little bit about how I came to make this pattern... I've always loved the layering ability and comfort of a hoodie but it's not exactly the most refined look. A hoodless sweatshirt is much easier to work into a variety of outfits but something about the traditional tight crewneck always left me feeling like I was wearing my high school issued gym sweatshirt. I looked all over this spring to try to find something with a more sophisticated and flattering neckline and when I couldn't find that, I decided to draft my own. Grainline Studio | Linden Sweatshirt View A Apparently I wasn't the only one looking for something like this because you guys flooded me with blog comments, emails, Instagram questions, etc. asking for this pattern. Usually I don't publish patterns I wasn't planning on because of comments, it's so expensive and such hard work to get a pattern out into the world that I've got them planned pretty far in advance with a lot of research done, but with this one I decided to give it a try so I guess this is a bit of an experiment as well. Grainline Studio | Linden Sweatshirt View A I really think the Linden Sweatshirt has a lot of possibilities to be dressed up and down for any occasion depending on the fabric you use and how you style it. I've now worn these with my Moss skirts, jeans, over a dress, you name it! I also may have a pair of Papercut Anima pants made in this same navy terry and it's possible that I might sometimes wear them together at home before bed. Someone has now termed this my "senior suit" which is pretty funny and damn comfortable! Anyway I think this is a great next pattern in my quest to provide you all with classic yet modern patterns that will fit into your every day wardrobe with ease, while at the same time providing a canvas for creativity through different fabrications and variations!