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Linden Sweatshirt Inspiration

Grainline Studio | Linden Inspiration | Basics

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Today I have a little bit of Linden Sweatshirt inspiration for you guys. The great thing about this pattern (and I like to think most of my patterns) is that you can make something totally straightforward or mix things up a bit and create variations! First up are these Basics, which are essentially just using the pattern as is. The look can be classic, feminine, tomboy-ish, trendy, whatever depending on the fabrics you use.   Grainline Studio | Linden Inspiration | Variations

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If you want to mix it up a little there are plenty of ways to alter the look of the pattern with some super easy variations. Add some beading, applique, or jewels, try out some fabric pens, make the pattern up in a drapey jersey, or there's always the ubiquitous lace overlay.

Grainline Studio | Linden Inspiration | Next Level

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For those of you who are really looking to play around with a pattern there are so many ways to alter the Linden into something really unique. These are just a few examples I've found but really your imagination is the limit! Mixing textiles is always a really great way to increase interest in a garment, as is adding details like a zipper or buttons. Have you guys seen any really great sweatshirt inspiration lately?