Life Lately v.03

LIfe Lately v.03 | Grainline Studio Things have been moving at quite a clip behind the scenes lately which has left me with less than ample time for coming up with blog posts. I feel like there are so many things I need to fill you in on or that I want to talk about so I figured I'd give you the Cliff's Notes version for now in the form of another Life Lately post and potentially expand on these ideas at a later date. As with all of these posts, the images are pulled from my Instagram account (@grainlinestudio) where I try to post daily with what we're up to. In all this scurrying around I did take a day off last week to sew an Archer (not pictured), two Lindens and a raglan tee from my personal pattern collection, and just in time for Me Made May! I've got a few more ideas for things I feel like I *need* to get sewn before May 1st - you know how that goes - so hopefully I have a free minute or two to squeeze those in! I'm getting excited about my second Me Made May, I definitely filled in some wardrobe gaps over the past 12 months. Will you be participating this year? LIfe Lately v.03 | Grainline Studio Recently I've noticed two real workhorses in my wardrobe. If you know me in real life you know I have a bit of a uniform, I'm not sure how much of that comes across via the internet, but I'm sure you've noticed at least a bit. I've made three of these oversized raglan tees now and they're hands down my new go-to favorite for when I'm working. I don't like things restricting my arm movements at all when I'm working so this is perfect. As the seasons change - spring is finally here!! - I've been wearing my Bellows cardigan almost every day as the coat-sweater I intended it to be. I knew I would love this sweater before I started knitting it, but I didn't realize how quickly it would become an everyday garment! LIfe Lately v.03 | Grainline Studio While we're on the subject of wardrobes, I downloaded the Into-Mind Wardrobe Workbook last week on a whim after seeing it mentioned more than a few places recently. I've enjoyed Anuschka's posts for a while but never thought I was the wardrobe workbook type and after perusing it I actually still don't think I am. The workbook looks pretty amazing, super thorough and covers basically every aspect of building a wardrobe in depth, but it's also a bit of a time commitment and I don't really feel like I have that much of a wardrobe 'problem'. Since reading through it I've been noticing more similarities in the things around me though, for instance, my outfit, bags, couch, new fabric, and plant, as well as my filing cabinet and its contents all coordinate. Ha! LIfe Lately v.03 | Grainline Studio You may remember that sweater I've been working on for the Sunday Sweater KAL? The one where I knit the front, back, and one sleeve, decided I was knitting too dense of a fabric, ripped everything out, and went up two needle sizes. Ooph!! Well, I'm now finished with the new front and back and will be starting on the sleeves this week just as soon as I adjust the math for my new gauge. I'm so excited, I can't wait to finish this thing up! LIfe Lately v.03 | Grainline Studio And last but not least Kendra and I have been working like crazy on patterns. The next release is at the printer and we should be getting them in the next two weeks. The first is the printed version of the Moss skirt and the second is that long awaited Morris blazer! A lot of people have asked about the fabric on the Morris, I've drafted it for use with both stretch wovens and stable knits. Think stretch wool, ponte, etc. More on these soon though!