Lexi's Uniform Dress

Lexis Uniform Dress | grainline studio

Today I'm sharing my Uniform Tunic that I've made into a Uniform dress. Im amazed by how versatile this pattern is! In addition to the different necklines, skirt styles, and sleeve options, the dropped waist seam allows for endless variations. While digging through my fabric piles I came across this purple pre-pleated panel I found at an estate sale years back and instantly thought of the Uniform Tunic. I decided to pair it with a purple brushed wool I also bought from the same sale. I love dressing like a crayon so this fit the bill. 

lexis uniform dress | grainline studio

My current measurements are 35 1/2"- 28 1/2"- 41" so usually I make an 8 bust and grade out to a 10 hip. I decided to cut a straight 10 this time and wear the dress as more of a jumper, which I will have to do because the top came out pretty big. Hopefully a sweater underneath will fill it out a bit. This is why muslins are worth the time and energy! 

Lexis uniform dress | grainline studio

All that being said, I am pretty happy with how it turned out. The twirl factor of the skirt is on point! This was the quickest sew-up ever thanks to the pleated panel already being hemmed and everything.  However, creating a pleated panel for the skirt would be very simple to do and we will share tutorials soon on how to make one for your Uniform and some other fun pleat posts!

>Lexi's Pleated Uniform Tunic | Grainline Studio

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