Lark Sew-Along: Cardigan Pattern Alterations

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Today we've got the first installment in how to turn your Lark Tee into a draped cardigan. It's pretty easy but rather than give it all to you at once, I'm breaking the tutorial up into two parts. Up today are the pattern alterations.

Lark Sew-Along: Cardigan Pattern Adjustments | Grainline Studio

In order to make this cardigan you're going to want to start with pieces 1, 2, and 14 - these are the crew neck front & back as well as the long sleeve.

Lark Sew-Along: Cardigan Pattern Adjustments | Grainline Studio

For both pieces you're going to want to straighten out the side seam a bit. Since the cardigan is loose and drapey you don't need the fitted side seam. Blend from the bust to the hip creating a smooth curve.

For the front piece you're going to want to square out a line 12.5" out from the CF of the neckline. Mark a point 1.5" down, this will be the new corner. Blend from about 1/3 down the original neckline, touching the original CF neckline point out to the point you marked on the new front. Extend the hem out 12.5" and re-draw the front line. This is your new front piece.

Lark Sew-Along: Cardigan Pattern Adjustments | Grainline Studio

You don't need to do anything to the sleeve, just keep that one as is. You'll now have three pattern pieces that look like these. In my cardigan I shortened the length by 2.5" since I was using a pretty drapey fabric, but this is totally optional.

That's it for the pattern adjustments, pretty basic. I actually cut mine without a muslin since it's an easy adjustment but feel free to test yours out before cutting real fabric. Next up we'll have the sewing instructions.

If you're not feeling up to making pattern adjustments no worries! We now have this lark variation as an add on pattern you can find here in our shop. 

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