Knitted | Bray Hat by Brooklyn Tweed

Grainline Studio | Bray Hat Fall has arrived, let the knitting posts commence! I was seriously drooling when the Autumn '13 Brooklyn Tweed patterns came out, those colors, the photography, the cables! Talk about a company that has their branding on point. Anyway, I totally fell in love with the Bray hat and Stonecutter sweater. Hard. I haven't knit anything besides socks in a while so I figured I needed a little something to warm up with before I got down to business on the Stonecutter. Grainline Studio | Bray Hat Enter the Bray hat. This little guy is knit up with Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in the Wool Socks colorway. I was expecting the cables to be a lot tricksier than they were, I was pretty surprised to find the cable pattern relatively easy to memorize and actually fun to do! The last heavily cabled project I attempted was a Debbie Bliss pattern and that shit just never became memorizable to me, even over an entire sweater. Then moths ate the sweater before I finished so that project was doomed. Grainline Studio | Bray Hat I love love love the color of this yarn, the only thing I was surprised about is how easily this yarn breaks. Seriously this yarn breaks like nobody's business. I'm a pretty loose knitter and broke it doing a 3x3 cable passover as well as breaking the yarn a few times while pulling it out of the center pull ball I wound. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. It makes me a little nervous about knitting an entire sweater out of it but if the Brooklyn Tweed people tell me it's going to work I'm going to roll with it and see what happens. Grainline Studio | Bray Hat

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Anyway now that Bray has been completed the task of Stonecutter awaits. Stephanie and I are knitting this sucker together, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be admitting this in public (sorry Steph!!) but secrets out - we're completely insane. Actually I'm insane because that girl can knit circles around me, did you see her Kaari she just posted? Yeah. I'm in trouble.