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This Archer by Kira of yarn, purl, stitch totally blew me away when I saw it during the December Archer Awareness Month. Not only did she make a button down shirt, she dyed the fabric AND shashiko embroidered the yoke. So beautiful!!

Name Kyra

Pattern Archer Button Up Shirt

What type of fabric / materials did you use? "I used the remnants of 2 metres of cotton voile I dyed navy blue with Dylon hand dye for another project. For the embroidery I used Presencia Finca Perle 8 thread in a similar colour to the dyed fabric."

Tell us more about your project! "I was inspired by all of the sashiko stitching I've seen around recently, and particularly an image on pinterest of a denim button up shirt with sashiko stitching across the shoulders. I loved my first archer, also made in a cotton voile, and wanted to try my hand at a sleeveless version. These two ideas came together and I had a sashiko archer.

I borrowed a book from the library (The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook, by Susan Briscoe) and decided on a simple pattern to stitch Seigaiha (blue ocean waves). After cutting out the shirt I ruled up one of the yoke pieces in 1 inch squares and hand drew the pattern. Using the thread doubled I just followed the lines in a running stitch and then sewed it up as usual. I love how the thread is subtle against the blue of the shirt, creating texture as well as the pattern.

I didn't make many alterations to the archer shirt itself. I didn't like the interfacing I used for the first archer I made, so instead I cut out additional pieces from my fabric and basted them in place, removing the thread once I finished the shirt. I slimmed it slightly by removing half an inch from each of the side seams, omitted the pockets and collar and other than that followed the instructions Jen gave for the sleeveless archer.

This is such a wonderful pattern, really easy to construct and in a super light fabric it works excellently as a top for the Australian summer. Thanks Jen."

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