Kendra's Plaid Flannel Archer

Kendra's Plaid Flannel Archer | Grainline Studio So, spring is taking a little longer than I’d like to get here or should I say get here and STAY here. Although we have had some wonderful sunny, 60-70 degree days here in Chicago, we have also had some cold, grey, and rainy ones. To combat this bizarre in-between weather, I decided to make a new flannel to cheer me up! I feel like all I want to make right now are Archers and Alders and I have bought and looked at a bunch for great fabrics from different places, however when it came to this flannel, I fell victim to...the impulse buy. Kendra's Plaid Flannel Archer | Grainline Studio I was stopping into Joann’s to pick something up (just a couple of things, I swear...) and of course started wandering around and I stumbled upon this great fabric!I love the colors and it’s great shirting if you are looking to save a couple bucks. After I washed it, the grain got a little wonky, but it wasn’t too hard to work with. I found it was easier if I didn’t go for lining all the plaids. I was a bit worried about how it would look with the plaids alternating at the seams, but I have to say I really liked the effect in the end! I wanted it to be super comfy and oversized, so to get that look, plain and simply I cut a size larger than what I normally would. Voila! I’m really excited about this piece over all. It’s great for the weather right now with a jacket open over it and it will work well with the sleeves rolled up when it starts to get a bit warmer. And come summer, it will be perfect for early morning trips to the farmers markets with shorts or over a swimsuit at the beach in the evening. Very happy with this boyfriend fit flannel, maybe my dude will start stealing my shirts for a change... Kendra's Plaid Flannel Archer | Grainline Studio