Introducing the Scout Sleeve Variation Pack

Almost as soon as we published the Scout pattern we started receiving requests for a scout sleeve variation pattern pack, so today, 5 years after the original Scout release, I have just that for you!

 1. Cuffed Sleeve   2. Petal Sleeve   3. Short Sleeve  4. Long Sleeve

Our new Scout sleeve pattern pack includes a short sleeve, a cuffed sleeve, a long sleeve, and a super cute and springy petal sleeve! I'm not one for crazy sleeves but I think the petal is such a cute variation on a regular cap sleeve, and it's so flattering on so many people. The Scout has consistently been one of our most popular patterns since it was released and I'm so excited to add even more versatility to this top.

Now lets talk about fabric choice for each sleeve option. Generally speaking you can use any fabric recommended in the original Scout pattern and get a good result. We do think there are some fabrics that work better than others for each version though, so I'll point those out now.

The cuffed version of the Scout Sleeve is going to be best with a slightly more rigid fabric so that the cuff holds its shape. We used a handkerchief linen for our sample and it works great while still maintaining some drape. Other good options for this sleeve are chambray, lightweight denim, ikat, or even a lawn. If you do want to use a more drapey fabric we recommend tacking the cuff down along the outer side of the cuff as well as at the underarm seam.

The petal sleeve works best with a fabric with a bit of drape. This allows the petal to lay gracefully along the arm rather than standing out from it. We used rayon for our sample, but lawn, silk, and other fabrics with a good amount of drape would be excellent choices as well.

The short sleeved version works with any fabric recommended in the original Scout pattern, as does the long sleeve. Our short sleeve sample is made from a soft woven ikat cotton and for our long sleeved sample we used a reversible plaid double gauze.

The original Scout pattern has a cute cap sleeve and turning that into another type of sleeve is slightly more than just lengthening the underarm seams. I think this is why the requests for actual patterns didn't slow down after we posted a tutorial on lengthening the sleeves and why we ultimately decided to go for this sleeve pack. You can easily adjust the length of the long or short sleeve by raising and lowering the hem line along the pattern's grain line. Whether you're using these sleeves as is or as a base for your own idea, the sky is the limit!

You can grab your copy of the Scout Sleeve Variation Pack stopping by our shop here. Hope you enjoy!

Introducing the Scout Sleeve Variation Pack | Grainline StudioIntroducing the Scout Sleeve Variation Pack | Grainline Studio

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