IKEA Serger Table

Grainline Studio | IKEA Serger Table Kind of an odd post for me today, how to hack this MICKE IKEA desk into a table fit for your messy serger. I've had a non-ideal serger table for a few years now and with the addition of my coverstitch machine it became completely non-functional. Enter this MICKE desk. Nothing groundbreaking here but if you put the desktop on backwards you end up with the little cord hole in the front corner which is great for... Grainline Studio | IKEA Serger Table Grainline Studio | IKEA Serger Table Sweeping the serger scraps into! I just put a little tray inside the drawer aligned with the hole and sweep my scraps away during my project. When I'm done with whatever I'm sewing I can just dump the little tray into the garbage and I no longer have serger stuff all over my table and floor. Some of  you may be lucky enough to have a serger with a little scrap trap on it but if you don't this is a nice alternative.