Happy Leap Day!

Hope you are having a wonderful extra day! We're lucky to be enjoying some amazing weather in Chicago, though it's starting to cloud over now. I woke up early today, answered some emails and did a bit of work and then headed out downtown around 9:30 to enjoy the sun and 60˚F temps. I walked down to State Street, hung out by the river for a bit then headed up to Michigan Ave. to check out some colored pants. After that the lake was calling so I went down there and found a flock of mergansers floating around who must be in migration north to their spring and summer grounds. I parked it on a bench at the lakefront for a bit, then wandered on home stopping at Millenium Park to visit The Bean who was looking splendid today with the sun and blue skies. The Bean can really always make you smile, I love that thing. I also picked up some brights on my trip, which I'm pretty excited about, in the form of pants and Essie polish. I didn't imagine that I would be buying purple jeans today but they're so cute and I figured it would be nice to wear my 2 denim tops with something other than blue jeans. The blue are chinos with a super cute cuff. Pretty pumped about them. Semi-related : Are you guys on instagram? I just joined as grainlinestudio and need some people to follow!