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Hadley Top in Sizes 14 – 32

Today we're excited to release the Hadley Top in PDF in our 14 – 32 D-Cup size range! To celebrate the launch we’re offering 20% Hadley now through April 4th, 2023, no code needed.

When we originally released this pattern we wanted to design a simple, elegant top that was extremely versatile. Something that would look equally good in a bold statement print or a gorgeous linen. The top should be wearable in all seasons and able to be both worn on its own or layered with a cardigan or blazer. It also needed to be appropriate for day or evening since that's definitely a garment that's missing in my own wardrobe, and of course, it needed to be comfortable! That's a tall order in a design but I think we achieved our mission.

Grainline Studio Hadley Top 14-32 release a white woman with brown shoulder length hair is standing wearing a medium blue v-neck sleeveless top. Next to her are flat illustrations of the top.

Both View A and View B feature bust darts, deep hem facings, and a center front and center back seam — the latter two lending it a bit of an architectural feel. Although we have two views for this pattern, you can use the fronts, backs, and sleeves interchangeably. That means if you'd like a pleat back version without sleeves, or any other variation, you're set up for success.

Grainline Studio Hadley Top in Sizes 14-32 woman with brown hair wearing a dark navy long sleeved shirt with a billowy body and jewel neckline

Grabbing the Pattern

The Hadley Top is available in PDF format. We will not be printing this pattern or reprinting the 0-18 Hadley in order to make room in our inventory for new patterns. We have approximately 60 paper patterns left in stock and once they're gone, they're gone!

If you previously purchased the Hadley Top PDF from us and would like the new size range, please email us at orders@grainlinestudio.com and we will add it to your account. If you purchased a PDF from another online retailer, please email us and include a copy of your receipt.

If you previously purchased a copy of the Hadley paper pattern we are unfortunately unable to provide you with a new paper pattern, but you can email us for a copy of the PDF pattern at orders@grainlinestudio.com. Again, if you purchased from another retailer, please include a copy of your receipt. Without a receipt we are unfortunately unable to accommodate requests.

Grainline Studio Hadley Pattern in Sizes 14-32

Grainline Studio Hadley Top Pattern in Sizes 14-32

Make sure to use the hashtags #grainlinehadley and #grainlinestudio so we can see your versions, or peruse them to get ideas from the thousands of beautiful Hadleys gracing those feeds!

Stay tuned for more Hadley posts in the coming weeks!  We also have a full Hadley photo sew-along that you can access for free, so grab your pattern, gather your supplies, and get sewing your own Hadley Top!

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