Grainline Studio x Sprout Patterns

Sprout Patterns x Grainline Studio

Images via the Sprout Patterns Instagram Account

Have you guys heard about Sprout Patterns yet? There have been some awesome projects popping up on blogs and social media so I know some of you are all over it already, but in case you haven't heard we're here today to fill you in! Sprout is a really exciting service from the geniuses behind Spoonflower that combines their custom print on demand fabric with indie sewing patterns. We're really excited to have teamed up with them on this project with some of our best selling sewing patterns!

Sprout is really easy to use. You'll start by choosing your pattern, then the fabric and size. We worked closely with Sprout to make sure that the fabric choices available for each pattern really worked well, so if choosing substrates isn't your forte, rest assured we've thought that through for you.

With Sprout you can choose a fabric from one of the zillions of prints available on Spoonflower or design your own! We've also worked with our friend, surface designer Michelle Vondiziano of January Prints, to develop a line of prints we love that pair well with our patterns.

Once you've chosen your fabrics Sprout has made it easy to configure them into your garment. You can even move the print around on the garment to get the perfect layout which is a pretty cool feature.

We've made up a few Larks already and the process was so easy since there's no tracing involved. We had two cut and sewn in well under an hour! A few other points you might find useful about Sprout...

  • All pattern pieces are outlined with a white border to make cutting very easy.
  • All seam allowances are included in the printed pattern area so you don't need to worry about any white showing in your finished garment.
  • Shrinkage is factored into the pattern on all Sprout purchases based on calculated shrinkage percentages for each substrate. This means you can launder your garment without fear!
  • All patterns include the original PDF pattern download and full instructions so you can remake your garment at any time with any fabric.

We have a few projects on the way to us from Sprout at the moment so we'll be sharing our process and final projects on the blog in the next few weeks once we get them sewn up! Have you guys tried Sprout yet? Are there any of our patterns that aren't on there that you'd love to see available?

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