Getting Inspired with New Fabric

grainline silk polka dot fabric grainline ikat stripe polka dot fabric I ordered a few fabrics last week in anticipation of finally being able to make things for myself, not that I don't have plenty laying around here but it's nice to start fresh sometimes before delving into old projects (planned or started). Does anyone else buy new fabric when they need a kick into gear on the sewing front? I hope it's not just me! The first fabric is a silk georgette which I want to use for a tank. I have lots and lots of cotton tanks but nothing that isn't super casual so hopefully this fills a void for me. I also ordered two different Ikat fabrics which I'm pretty pumped up about. The polka dot was originally going to be a dress but when my friend Maureen saw it the other day she said, "No, blazer!" I think she's totally right on this one. The striped Ikat will be a pair of shorts because I only own one pair of shorts at the moment. Eventually I need to either make or buy a pair of jean shorts so I have some non-insane shorts but for now, crazy shorts it is!