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Fusible Interfacing for Coating

Grainline Studio | Fusible Interfacing for Coating

After my last post, Tips for Choosing and Working with Wool Coating, I got a ton of questions about what fusible I prefer for a project like this. Unfortunately I also got really sick at the same time so apologies for not replying to comments and only answering you guys now. I wrote a few months ago (woah just checked and it was almost a year ago!) about my favorite fusibles which featured the fusible I used for this coat, medium weight black fusible tricot. You can click over there for a more in depth look at, as well as a link to the exact fusible I use, if you like.

Grainline Studio | Fusible Interfacing for Coating

Grainline Studio | Fusible Interfacing for Coating

While we're on the subject of interfacing, you guys might be interested to know that I have a 6 page spread in the latest Feb/March '14 Sew News issue all about interfacing. I walk you through when and why to use each kind and we even brainstormed up this chart so that you can see the effects of 6 different weights and types of interfacing applied to 6 different weights and types of fabric. I'm really excited & proud of this article so if you have more interfacing questions you may want to head out to wherever you buy your sewing magazines and pick one up (I've also heard you can purchase a digital copy, though I'm not sure where). I also have a little web-only interview on their site here.

One last thing, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who sent me kind words etc. while I've been sick. I'm finally on the mend after LOTS of medicine and rest. I'm actually out of bed and working at my computer today after deciding to do absolutely nothing all weekend but sit on the couch, knit and watch the Olympics! I *might* have pulled a stomach muscle coughing last night though... haha!

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