friendship swap!

friendship swap!

**Please note this Friendship Swap ended on July 29, 2011**

There's no denying that friendship bracelets are back and as fun to make and wear as ever, but one thing we're all missing out on is sharing! Well probably some of us are less greedy than I am but you know what I'm saying. To this I am proposing a friendship bracelet & anklet swap! Here's how it works....

Leave a comment on this post by Friday July 29th lets say at midnight your time with the following information:

▲ your name
▲ your email
▲ a link to your blog / website / flickr / what have you if you have one
▲ if you will send your bracelet internationally or not (I want to leave this open internationally)

Over the weekend I will link people up randomly based on your shipping desires and by Monday will email you your partner. You will need to contact your partner for their mailing address and then you are all set to mail off your friendship bracelets and/or anklets! I think contacting your partner for their mailing address will be easiest and most private. You don't want to post your addresses all over my blog, I'm sure!

If you haven't made any friendship bracelets in the past few years and are a little rusty like I was, here are some resources for making your friendship bracelet the best it can be. : tutorial on the basic patterns, chevron and stripes
purl soho : pretty in depth as far as friendship bracelet articles go. basic patterns, stripes, chevron and the addition of the diamond (which scares me a little) plus how to begin and end your bracelets neatly.
you tube : there are a bunch of precocious tweens posting videos, just search friendship bracelets or something to the likes of that.

That's it!  If you have any questions you can email me at and don't forget to spread the word!