Field Bag Supply List

Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm over the Field Bag pattern and kits! We're working on shipping your orders as fast as we can, but as you wait for them to arrive, I want to go over the supply list so you have everything you need to start sewing before our sew-along starts on July 6th.


Grainline Studio Fringe Supply Co Field Bag Pattern Supplies

Of course the first thing you’ll need to sew up a Field Bag is the pattern. Even though our kits are pre-cut you’ll still need to mark the placement of the pockets and add a notch or two to the fabric pieces. In addition you’ll need those instructions to show you how to sew it all up! You can purchase either a PDF or Paper pattern in our shop on their own, or bundled with a Fabric & Notions Kit.


Grainline Studio Fringe Supply Co Field Bag

In order for the Field Bag to stand up on its own the way the original bags did we recommend using cotton canvas with a weight of between 8-10oz. The Field Bag above was made from one of our pre-cut Field Bag Fabric & Notions KitsThis kit's 10oz 100% cotton duck canvas is the same fabric that was used for the production of the pre-made Field Bags! It features a water repellant finish and has been pre-cut and drilled by the factory that produced the original Field Bags. This is a great choice if you're just starting out sewing or feeling nervous about selecting the proper fabric for your bag. 

Grainline Studio Fringe Supply Co Field Bag made by Fancy Tiger Crafts

If you're interested in creating a Field Bag out of printed canvas, you can definitely use the standard 6oz canvas that most big fabric companies print on, just know that it will be a bit less structured. Jaime from Fancy Tiger made the bag above out of Ruby Star's Wound Up Canvas and as you can see, with a project in it the bag retains its shape nicely. If you're worried about thickness with your sewing machine this weight is also a good choice for your first bag. Fancy Tiger Crafts has a lot of great options for fabrics, and I'm sure your local shops do as well!

Carrying Handle / Strap

Grainline Studio Fringe Supply Co Field Bag Supplies Pattern

The strap of the original Field Bag was natural tanned leather, and this strap will weather and soften with use and age as it reacts with the oil on your hands. We're offering a 100% cotton 1" webbing option in our kits that's sturdy enough to hold up to wear and tear. You'll need 12" of whatever you decide to use for your strap.

Cotton Braided Cording

Grainline Studio Fringe Supply Co Field Bag Supplies Pattern

The top of the Field Bag closes with two lengths of braided cotton cording that cinch to keep your project from falling out. It can be difficult to source this braid in small enough quantities through the regular home sewing channels, so we’re excited to offer it to you via our notions and fabric kits.


Grainline Studio Fringe Supply Co Field Bag Supplies Pattern

For our Field Bags we used 100% polyester all purpose thread in a color that matched the fabric. We tested a heavier thread and found that it was difficult for all of our machines to create a stitch that’s even on the front and back. Due to the way the pockets are stitched the bobbin thread will show on the outside of your bag, so you’ll want to make sure whatever thread you end up using produces a nice, even stitch on your machine.

Denim Machine Needles

Despite there being leather in the Field Bag, we recommend that you use a denim machine needle to construct your bag. This needle is heavy duty enough to sew through the leather strap and the thickest parts of the bag. A leather needle is sharp, sharp enough to cut the leather that it’s sewing, since unlike with fabric, there are no threads for the needle to pass between. Because of this, if you use a leather needle to sew the canvas of your bag, it can cut the threads rather than pass between them. This can create a situation where you create a small hole that starts to fray as you use your bag.


Grainline Studio Fringe Supply Co Field Bag Supplies Pattern

Inside the original Field Bag, the largest pocket has three grommets. These were designed to manage multiple strands of yarn and keep them from becoming tangled as you knit. If you’ve purchased a Field Bag Fabric & Notions Kit, the grommet holes are already punched and you’ll need to set the grommets to finish the edges of the punched holes. If you’re making a bag from your own fabric, whether or not you decide to instal the grommets is up to you. The original field bag called for 3 – 5/16” (8mm) grommets, so that’s what you’ll want to look for if you’re purchasing those on your own. 

Grommet Setting Tools

If setting grommets, you’ll need the tools to do so! You’ll need a corresponding 5/16” (8mm) punch to cut the holes, and a 5/16” (8mm) grommet setter to secure them into place. If you’re working with a different size grommet, make sure you purchase a punch and setter in the same size as the grommet.

We’ve tested out two options for you so we could provide a solid recommendation on these tools. The first is from The Buckle Guy. This is a very high quality set with a beautiful finish, but they’re definitely a bit pricey. You can find the punch here and the setter here.

The second set of tools is from Gold Star Tool. This is a more budget friendly option and doesn’t have the same finish as the previous tools, but they work just as well at a fraction of the cost. You can find the punch here and the setter here. Make sure you select “For Grommet Size #1 (5/16”) from the drop down menu if you’re using the grommets provided in either one of our kits.


The final tool you’ll need to complete your Field Bag is a mallet of some sort. You’ll tap the post of the grommet setter to close the grommet securely into place. You can use a rubber mallet, a wooden mallet, or even a hammer for this. We definitely recommend using one of the extra grommets included in our kits for practice before going ahead on your bag!

So those are the fabrics, tools and supplies you’ll need to sew up your own Field Bag! We’ll cover all of this again in the first sew-along video when the sew-along starts on July 6th, but until then this should guide you in ordering any supplies you’ll need. To be notified when we post sew-along videos you can subscribe to our YouTube channel here. I can’t wait to sew along with you!

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