fall wardrobe part six | red wool scout

One step closer to my finished fall wardrobe! I made this version of the Scout Woven Tee in red wool crepe and altered the pattern to create a fuller back. I'll be posting a pattern tutorial on how to make this alteration tomorrow. Oh, and I also added the pocket from the Tiny Pocket Tank to break up the solid red front a bit. I'm pretty pumped about this top. I love the fit with the drape of the wool and also, since it's wool, it's a pretty good winter layer. The texture of the wool crepe is really great also. For some reason when we photographed the top outside, the red turned out really orange. The color is actually almost exactly the bottom photo red. So strange. You can probably tell by how jammed my arms are against my body that it was pretty cold out. We're getting into the awkward part of the year when it's too cold to photograph outside but it's still happening anyway because there's nowhere good to photograph inside. This shoot is a little sad because shortly after taking these photos I tore a hole in the black jeans I'm wearing here. Bad luck. Also bad luck, I was driving to pick up a friend Sunday to go check out the Madewell store in the northern suburbs when my exhaust pipe fell halfway off my car! I had to drag it on home going super slow with metal scraping noises and the crazy loud car with no muffler sound. I got a LOT of strange looks! It was pretty funny though, when I called my dad to see what I should do, he told me to drive it straight home. I then asked him if my car would somehow catch on fire from dragging this piece of metal home and he could not stop laughing at me. Hey, it happens in the movies right?