Fall '17 Wardrobe Inspiration

Fall '17 Style Inspiration | Grainline Studio

All images & sources from my Fall/Winter 17 Pinterest Board

Every season I try to do a wardrobe inspiration post, but for some reason this year it felt really overwhelming. It's no secret that I have less and less time for personal sewing the more Grainline grows, and I'm to the point where I've had to start purchasing replacements for worn out clothing rather than replacing them with me-made versions. Since my free time has changed so drastically, I've really wanted to rethink my sewing strategy.

I used to feel a sort of obligation to make Every. Single. Thing. in my wardrobe, which ALWAYS lead to disappointment. Honestly that's a completely unrealistic goal for myself as a small business owner who would like to also enjoy life outside of sewing. It's also not much fun (nor is it healthy mentally) to have that sort of pressure inside your head. So instead this season I wanted to think about what would be fun to make and wear, rather than what do I need to make so I'm not walking around naked. It's always more fun to do something you want to do than something you need to do, and the feeling that I need to make every single thing I wear has abated a lot over the last few years as I learn about more and more slow fashion and ethical brands.

As far as what I'm feeling this season style wise, it's not much of a departure from my normal style. Coats (I love making coats!), layering pieces, Archers – those are always fun for me! I'm interested in possibly a wider leg pant after trying on the Everlane Wide Leg Crop shown above. I was on the fence but I feel like with some personal tweaks they could be a super comfy addition to my wardrobe! I have lots of sweaters on my handmade wardrobe wish list, always lots of sweaters!

Fall '17 Color Inspiration | Grainline Studio

As far as colors, I'm keeping it pretty solidly in the classic fall color scheme. Mossy green, navy, rust red, the divisive ochre, and of course my old pals black, ivory, and grey! Though this isn't the most colorful to a lot of you I'm sure, it feels to me like I'm adding in some old friends I haven't worn in a while. When I'm stressed out and busy I revert from more colorful clothing to black, white and grey almost exclusively. It's just one less thing to think about getting ready in the morning. Sometimes when you're making decisions all day the absolute last thing you want to do is make another, so uniform dressing has been huge for me. This being as it is, I think this color scheme is a good sign!

I've mapped out some of the projects I hope to have time to accomplish this season and will be sharing them with you over the course of the week.Until then tell me, what silhouettes and colors are you feeling for fall!?