fabric recycling : what do you do with your scraps?

Okay so today is the day where I talk about scraps. What on earth do you guys do with them? I am going out of my mind with fabric scraps. I'm pretty good at fabric yield (I get a lot of practice at work) so most often my scraps aren't big enough to make anything out of, and if they are I keep them with any leftover yardage. As for all the sewn garment muslins, if they are made out of pieces large enough to recut into another piece I will do that, but mostly they aren't. Unfortunately between muslins and garments for hound, garments for myself and muslins from pattern testing I have a lot of fabric garbage. I've tried googling 'fabric recycling' and variations on that and basically everything I've come up with (repurposing scraps, donating old clothes to goodwill etc.) don't really apply. I found one place called Chicago Textile Recycling and sent them an email but from their site it looks like they also only take full garments. This is where I start asking around, what do you do with your scraps?! In my head there is a place that will recycle them and turn them into some sort of super fabric, but apparently not? Help! I can't keep throwing out this much fabric and I can't keep hoarding small scraps in my apartment, it feels horrible to do both!