evening hike mitts

Here are a bunch of photos of my new mitts.  Didn't they turn out lovely?  The colors on this camera are so spot on I can hardly handle it, no color correcting or levels adjustments needed, and if I can avoid extra Photoshop I'm all for it. Anyway, these mitts are made from Blue Sky Alpacas Sportweight, which has to be my all time favorite yarn.  It's so strong, soft, warm, amazing vibrant colors, need I go on?  I didn't use a pattern per say, I swatched and worked off the favorite points of my favorite gloves and mittens with some help from Vogue Knitting, my every trusty friend.  I'm so happy with the result, and have been imagining these for a while, but was spurred into action recently by the horrid nightmare of knitters everywhere...MOTHS!!! Omg they ate my favorite mittens.  More on that later...ugh!