Cortland Pattern Tester Style

Here at Grainline, we follow a very thorough, multi-step process when we release a pattern. We develop our custom blocks and create, test, and refine our grading for each block before fitting with live fit models in house to ensure that our sizing and grading fits properly across all sizes. Then we use professional tech and copy editors to make sure our patterns and instructions are correct and clear, and we work with members of the community to test each and every size of each pattern we release. Our goal is to create patterns of the highest quality to make sewing easy and fun for you! 

Pattern testing with our community team is one of our favorite parts of developing a new pattern. For each pattern, we set up a Slack channel so we can geek out together about construction, fit, other sewing projects we’re working on, etc., and it’s truly a joy to sew together. We love to see the pattern come to life in the hands of our skilled testers, and with that in mind, we’d love to share some of our testers’ finished Cortland Trenches today.

Grainline Studio Cortland Pattern Tester Style Sumiko

Sumiko used a gorgeous gold Robert Kaufman Ventana Twill with matching floral bias binding inside. She also added this really smart phone pocket to the interior of the trench!

Grainline Studio Cortland Pattern Tester Style Lindsay

Lindsay also used Robert Kaufman Ventana Twill for her Cortland and I absolutely love her pop of color for the binding! She also interlined the back of her trench with a plaid fabric to add body and warmth.

Grainline Studio Cortland Pattern Tester Style Chloe

Chloe used a cotton/poly blend that's both lightweight and water resistant for her Cortland Trench. Since it's lightweight she added a cotton lining to the body which also provides a really fun pop of color and pattern!

Grainline Studio Cortland Pattern Tester Style Trudi

Trudi made two Cortlands! The first (on the right) is a cotton twill. She then made one from a rayon twill in her stash and I love how you can really see the difference between the two fabrics! 

Grainline Studio Cortland Pattern Tester Style Miranda

Miranda used a gray midweight cotton for hers and I absolutely love how it holds the shape of the lapels and collar. 

Grainline Studio Cortland Pattern Tester Style Lisa

Lisa used a beautiful brushed cotton twill from Merchant and Mills. The color is just so good! Unexpected for a trench and I could not love it more.

Grainline Studio Cortland Pattern Tester Style Jamie

Jamie (not on Instagram) used a fabulous print for her Cortland which is a really fun twist on the typically traditional style of a trench!

Thank you again to all our pattern testers & I hope seeing these jackets gives you more ideas on what you can do with the pattern and how to style it!

Please note that while we do test every size, it's not a requirement of our testers that they share their finished garments publicly. This is why you're only seeing 7 of the 19 testers today. Because we value their feedback and it is integral to our process, all of our pattern testers are compensated for their work.

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