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Camp Workroom Social 2016

Copyright 2015 Esvy Photography

I don't know if you remember, but last fall I taught a class in the Catskills at Camp Workroom Social - shoutout to my muslin sister wives!! It was an amazing weekend full of new friends, creativity, and of course, lots of sewing. I never recapped the weekend on the blog because I was so busy teaching and hanging out that I didn't really even take photos. Luckily Jennifer of Workroom Social made this awesome highlights video for us so if you were wondering what we were up to in the woods, this is it!

Being in the gorgeous setting of Frost Valley with so many likeminded people swapping stories and knowledge was a pretty unforgettable experience so I'm excited to be teaching again at this year's session! My class on button up shirt making featuring the Archer sold out a while back, but I wanted to share some of the other awesome classes going on during Camp Workroom Social 2016. There are just a few spots left so if any of these strike your fancy you won't want to wait too long to sign up!

Copyright 2015 Esvy Photography Fit for Your Body and Style with Melissa Watson of Palmer/Pletsch and Melissa Watson for McCall's If you struggle with a specific fit problem or just want to learn more about it, Melissa's class is for you. Working on fit can be tough, especially if you're trying to fit yourself, and often brings up emotions about our bodies but as Melissa is both a fit guru and a total sweetheart she'll help you nail your fit and leave you empowered to feel amazing in everything you make. In this class you'll learn:
  • How to tissue-fit a pattern before you cut your fabric.
  • Practical, logical, and useful fit methods.
  • Pattern alteration methods that can be applied to future sewing projects.
  • How to pin fit in fabric and fit both sides of your body.
  • How to apply fitting skills to two different styles of dresses.
You can read more about Melissa's class here: Fit for Your Body and Style at Camp Workroom Social
  Elizabeth Olwen Print DesignerSurface Pattern Design with fabric designer Elizabeth Olwen If you're a budding surface pattern designer or have dreams of becoming one this class with Elizabeth Olwen is one to consider. Elizabeth is a Toronto based surface pattern designer who designs whimsical prints for a wide variety of clients, including these beauties for Cloud 9 Fabric and Land of Nod. You'll learn how to use Adobe Illustrator to transform inspirations and hand-drawn motifs into your very own seamless, repeating patterns for use in countless projects - including your own fabric! In addition to that you'll learn:
  • How to find and use inspiration and create a mood board.
  • How to use that mood board to guide your drawing process.
  • How to develop a design concept.
  • How to digitize your drawings and artwork.
  • How to use color in your designs.
  • How to create repeating patterns in illustrator.
  • How to approach the development of coordinates in order to create a whole pattern collection.
  • How to prepare digital artwork for printing with a focus on digital fabric printing.
I wish I could take this class but I'm busy that weekend ;) You can read more about Elizabeth's class here: Surface Pattern Design at Camp Workroom Social
  Brooks Ann Camper Couture Hand Sewing Skills with Custom Wedding Dressmaker and Designer Brooks Ann Camper I get a lot of questions about my time working as a custom bridal patternmaker and any tips I might have gleaned from that experience so I know this is a topic you guys are interested in! This class from Brooks Ann Camper, a custom wedding dressmaker in Hillsborough, North Carolina will walk you through the fundamentals of couture hand sewing as you create a resource notebook full of samples to reference for all your future projects. Just a few things this class will cover:
  • Couture hand sewing techniques, from threading a needle and tying a knot, to horsehair hems, to invisibly seaming lace, and more!
  • The value of hand sewing and how it can be used to improve the quality of your projects.
  • How to use a thimble for faster hand sewing.
  • How to use your couture research notebook at home on future projects!
You can read more about Brooks' class here: Couture Hand Sewing Skills at Camp Workroom Social