Autumn Wardrobe | Planning + Illustrations

It's finally starting to feel like fall around here and I could not be happier about it. I feel like summer around here started in March and never let up but now there's a chill in the air and it feels so good. That said, it's time for the Autumn Wardrobe Project to begin! This is a lot of stuff and I'm sadly not a machine so as usual with my wardrobe projects I'm just going to try to get done what I can get done and not stress too badly about it. You may recognize the polka dot button up from the previous wardrobe sketches, it was a little to warm to consider making that this summer so it carries over and is joined by 3 other dreamy shirts. From left to right the fabrics are : Washed Silk Crepe de Chine, Liberty Tana Lawn, Silk Chiffon, Cotton Flannel I'd really like a few easy wearing dresses, something I can throw on with tights and be done. This dress is something I've been wanting to make for a while, the Meridian dress from Hound SS '11 with 3/4 length sleeves. I will also be raising the low back because that kind of cut will give you a serious chill during the winter months. I'm not totally sure about these fabrics, but I'd ultimately like to try one in wool, silk and a knit. From left to right the fabrics are : Wool Suiting, Silk Charmeuse, Cotton Knit Okay these are definitely from last fall's wardrobe project. I didn't end up making the cape last fall because the fabric I had planned on using turned out to be about a yard short and I never could find a replacement I really liked. Well I've found one now and made a few style changes which are making me pretty excited. The sweater you will recognize as my ill fated Icelandic sweater. I literally had the sweater done, tried it on, and thought it was too snug to wear with multiple shirts underneath. I tore the whole thing out and am about halfway done with the second attempt. I WILL finish this sweater this fall. If I don't, please remind me about it often and try to make me feel really really really guilty. I will also be making this grey skirt, it's the same pattern as my Mini Moss skirt which I wear quite a bit in the cooler months. From left to right the fabrics are : Wool Twill, Lopi Wool This is a funny little grouping. I got really into using these crazy headless ladies again so I needed an entire outfit but nothing really went with these pieces. The top on the left is based on a Sessun top my friend had me alter for her this summer. I thought it would be a good alternative to my many many tanks for layering. The bottom is the skirt mentioned above and next to it is a variation of that skirt which adds a hem band to the bottom. My polka dot blazer is here too, I promise not to wear it business suit style with this skirt. From left to right fabrics are : Liberty Tana Lawn, Cotton Twill, Cotton Ikat, Wool Twill Last but not least are these guys, you may remember them from my previous post. I decided to get the red and mustard because those colors are marked with the "goodbye" icon at Knitpicks. I really would love to have all 4 pairs of socks but I figured 2 pairs was a good place to start from. I'd also love to try to work with some knit tops this fall / winter. I just ordered a ton of knit swatches so I'm excited to get those and hopefully find something I'd like to experiment with. So many plans, so little time... Anyone planning a fall wardrobe of your own? Let me know, I'd love to see!