a trio of socks

sock 1 | sock 2 | sock 3

I used to think it was crazy that anyone would knit their own socks. Literally, totally insane. Then I knit a pair a while back because I felt like, in order to call myself a knitter, I needed to make one pair of socks if only to be able to say I did it. Of course since I had made socks, I wore them around and it didn't take long for me to realize why people make their own socks. They are so toasty and comfortable and fit perfectly and last a long time. It's sort of hard to find socks that fit right when you are an adult with a size 6 foot. So bunchy. Anyway, I found myself reaching for my one pair of navy blue wool handknit socks again and again. Well that and my one pair of SmartWool socks, but those have come and gone and my handknit socks are still going strong, so I decided that it was time to make a few more pairs. I'm sort of not really into most self striping yarn, the stripes are so short that all the colors get pretty jumbled together and even though I love stripes, it's just not really my thing. When I found this yarn, Felici Sport by KnitPicks, it was all I could do not to order every single color. Got to be responsible and pay the bills you know (zzzz...boring), but someday I aim to have a pair in every colorway. Besides the fact that the colors are pretty much the best, the yarn itself is super soft and silky to the touch but gets even softer after a run through the washing machine. Boo yah Knitpicks, doing it right, keeping my feet warm and cozy in style, with a little help from my knitting hands of course. I need some of the credit! The pattern I used for all 3 is Priscilla's Dream Socks which I really like a lot because it's easy to get a sock that fits your foot perfectly. I kept thinking that I was going to try a new sock technique, but I sort of figured, if it ain't broke don't fix it? I had memorized the pattern by the second of the 6 socks and that made it perfect for knitting while watching netflix, sitting in the car, at a bar and waiting for large PSD files to render. Next up on the knitting block is a hat and a tea cozy, but first I need to get some sewing done.