A Serious Garment Backlog

Grainline Studio | A Garment Backlog

I have a problem. I'm 9 months out from my old apartment and I still haven't figured out my garment photography situation. The self timer thing isn't working well, both in facial expression (soooo bored) and locations, and now that there's no photographer living with me I don't have that many other options. Of course, I have a ton of photographer friends but I make so many garments I don't like to constantly harass when they're all busy with paying jobs. That means I have a TON of garments sitting around waiting to be photographed.

The pile above is 13 garments that have not found their way onto the blog and there are a few more in my laundry basket. I am wearing them all a lot but I have no photographic evidence. It's like a tree falling in a forest...if I don't photograph them for the blog, did they really happen? Hahaha. Do you guys blog every garment you make or do you have some that for one reason or another never make it up?