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A Green Silk Crepe de Chine Archer

Grainline Studio | Green Silk Archer | Photos by Julia Stotz

Have you guys ever worn anything made from washed silk crepe de chine? It feels like pajamas but you look like you dressed up, I highly recommend it. I love the versatility of this pattern, I think it looks just as good in silk as it does in plaid flannel cotton, which is very exciting to me.

Grainline Studio | Green Silk Archer | Photos by Julia Stotz

This is View B of the Archer pattern and I'm really surprised by how much I love it. I know that sounds weird since I designed it, but hear me out. I design for myself a bit, of course, but I mostly try to think about what other people would want to wear. I didn't really think I was a gathered back person (can you tell how I'm avoiding the word "ruffle") but eh, I sort of am, especially in this color / fabric combo.

Grainline Studio | Silk Archers

I've been seeing a lot of people posting about struggling with sewing silk button down shirts around the internet lately and some interesting techniques popping up here and there. Just wanted to let you guys know that as part of the Archer Sew Along and in collaboration with Britex Fabrics (who provided that amazing rope print silk up there) I'll be having a special post devoted to my tips of sewing with silk. There are some solid tips I've picked up through work and just plain old sewing a lot of silk, hopefully they help out!

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