2013 Top 5 Hits

This year I decided to participate in the Top 5 of 2013 roundup started by Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow. I remember last year reading everyone's top 5 lists and didn't want to miss out on the fun this year. Today I'm posting my Top 5 Hits of the year. I made a ton of stuff this year, a bit over 60 knit or sewn items at last count, so narrowing it down to my favorite individual items seemed like a bit of an impossible task. Instead I'm doing my 5 general hits of the past year, in no particular order. Here goes!

Archer Button Up Pattern

Grainline Studio | Top 5 Hits 2013 | Archer Pattern

My number one hit this year has to be the Archer Button Up pattern. At last count I'd made 16 Archers, mostly for myself but a few were for other people. In addition to making a bunch of these I also taught a class at Lillstreet on making the Archer so I think it's safe to say this pattern has pretty much ruled over my 2013.

Polka Dot Moss

Grainline Studio | Top 5 Hits 2013 | Polka Dot Moss

I made this Moss Skirt shortly after the new year with fabric from IKEA and have worn it to death. I think there was a 2 week heat wave period this summer when I wore this skirt every day. I love it in the summer, love it with tights in the fall, I had no idea how much you could wear a polka dot skirt. Major hearts!

Sewing with Knits

Grainline Studio | Top 5 Hits 2013 | Sewing with Knits

This year I really dove into knits more heavily than in the past, and I really enjoyed it! I started with this polka dot sweatshirt, then adapted the Scout Tee for knits, finishing with the release of my free Hemlock pattern. Sewing with knits is a good time but I was always frustrated that between my sewing machine and serger I was always faking a professional hem. I admit that I'm one of those people who likes to do things the right way and having a fake coverstitch hem on these shirts drove me nuts so a few weeks ago I purchased a coverstitch / chainstitch machine. I'm really excited to work with it in 2014 so expect to see more knit projects around these parts!

Ikat Fabric

Grainline Studio | Top 5 Hits 2013 | Ikat Fabric

Ikat fabric seemed to be a real theme with my sewing this year. I was on a bit of a silk kick in the years past but for some reason I kept buying up ikat left and right in 2013. The fabric usually has a great drape and is cool in the warmer months so that made it perfect for summer. I think that chambray was probably a second runner up in my fabric department this year, but it's not as exciting so I'm giving this one the win, ha!


Grainline Studio | Top 5 Hits 2013 | Handknits

I've had a bit of a knitting dry spell for the past few years but I really got back into it this year through small projects. Hats (top, middle, and no idea what pattern I used for the bottom), socks (Priscilla's Dream Socks as always), and a hot water bottle cozy (Garment House). I also finished up my Icelandic sweater earlier in the year and started on the Stonecutter by Brooklyn Tweed this winter. I've got a bit to go on that but I'm chugging right along and am about half done with the back. I'm looking forward to doing more knitting this winter now that I'm back in the game!

Well that's my Top 5 Hits of 2013, check back tomorrow for my Top 5 Misses. Not looking forward to that one... ha!

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