2012 Recap | Tutorials, Tips & Tricks

I thought I'd do a few 2012 posts, the first being this recap of all of the tutorials, tips and tricks I've shared this year. I made a lot more tutorials this year and even made my first two videos! I hope to continue with the videos as well as more pattern and sewing tutorials. I have a few things planned for 2013 in this vein so I'm excited about that. Without further ado, here's what I shared in 2012.


bagging a jacket lining

How to Achieve Smooth Bias Faced Necklines

Frenching all Your Seams

Sewing Your Maritime Shorts

Inserting a Zipper With a Free Hanging Overlay

Inserting a Fly Front Zipper


Drafting a Lining For an Unlined Flazer, Jacket or Coat

Curved Hem Pattern Adjustment for the Maritime Shorts

TIPS & TRICKS Cutting Silk

Smooth Collar Curves

Chaining Your Garment Pieces