2012 Recap | Sewn Projects

Well it's been quite a full sewing year for me. I wish I had had time to do more for my seasonal wardrobe projects but I think I did pretty well overall in the sewing department. Here's a roundup of everything I've sewn this year excluding the zillion muslins I made for development and to test each size of the new patterns. That's 10 finished muslin garments per pattern folks plus whatever I sew while drafting the pattern...yikes!! 12 projects sewn for me this year, though one of the project was 2 sets of pajamas so if we're counting things separately then it's 15. I had hoped to do more than one garment a month but hey, at least I did one garment a month! Small victories. I made a few garments for other people. These two were for my sister and I also made Luke a shirt which I will now be unable to photograph. It was a black chambray buttondown though so you get the idea. I didn't make too many sewn 'things,' for lack of a better word, this year. 2 Wee Wonderful Dolls, a cat bed and some pillows for my ex-couch, but I'll bet those things will look even better on my future couch when I get one. Someday. I was lucky to participate in two Refashion Swaps this year, a button up shirt refashion in the spring and a pants refashion in the fall. I kept saying I was going to make one of each for me but you know, sometimes you just have too many projects. I also made my friend Katie her wedding dress this spring. I had such a blast working on this dress with her, she's really a one of a kind gal. We literally made three versions of this dress before we finally settled on the lace overlay. I don't have a finished photo but the dress had a long sleeved lace overlay. She looked amazing in it, I promise! And last but not least is all the sewing I did for hound this year. I did a 50 piece edition for Of A Kind this summer in addition to my Spring collection so I clock in at around 125ish finished garments sewn for hound which again, doesn't include any muslins. All in all that's approximately 147 sewn garments or 151 sewn things this year or 12.58 things per month. Can't complain about that!