The Summer of Basics

This morning Karen of Fringe Supply Co. posted something I’m really excited about on her blog, the Summer of Basics Make-Along! Essentially it’s 1 garment a month for 3 months, June through August, with the goal of filling in basic wardrobe gaps. Garments can be knitted or sewn and only need to adhere to your own personal definition of “basics.” We’ll be sponsoring the #summerofbasics along with our friends at Fancy Tiger Crafts and Kelbourne Woolens so there will also be some fun related prizes.

I’ve been pondering my garments for the make-along and the above photo is what I have so far, though I’m sure I’ll be switching this up a few times before June 1st! The first garment is another color-way of a sweater I’ve been working on recently, sorry no pattern to point you to, I’ve made this one up myself. I’m currently knitting it in Kelbourne’s Luma in Blanca, but I’d really like to do a striped ivory and grey version as well if it turns out.

My second garment will be that white Archer I’ve been promising myself for YEARS that I’ve never gotten around to making. I’m toying with a straight hem on this one, slightly shorter than the original pattern. White silk would be ideal, but I’m still deciding on the fabric.

The third garment will definitely be our next printed pattern which is due out in early June so no photos on that one yet, but I’ve been wearing samples of it for a few months and it’s true love. I cannot cannot wait to release it for you guys!

Head over to Fringe Association to read Karen’s synopsis of the #summerofbasics make-along and let me know, what are you thinking of making?

5 replies on “The Summer of Basics

  • gingermakes

    Ooh, fun! I think this summer will be the one where I finally make a pair of Maritime shorts- every year I don’t get around to it, and then I’m sorry when I’m kicking around in grungy old cut-offs! And maybe a classic marinière, either sewn or knitted, and a super slouchy buttondown like the Style Arc Blair shirt? But I’m sure whatever your new pattern is will totally derail my plans and shoot straight to the top of my list! 😀

  • Alicemakes

    Oooooh, what a lovely idea for a sewalong! Since I’m in the southern hemisphere I’ll tailor it to suit cooler temperatures and won’t feel too left out, I too have promised myself a white archer so perhaps I’ll finally get around to making one too! Although like sonja notes above….you might just throw a spanner in the works with your new pattern release!!

  • Max California

    Ooh this is so perfect, with winter and being super pregnant during those months I’m going to have to brainstorm heavily. Basics are so hard for me to do but I’ve had to force myself to find comfortable basics since it’s what I NEED!

  • Francis

    I plan to tackle an Archer and figure out how to get a perfect fitting Lark. My shoulders are one size and my bust is another. I think I will try the pivot method first.


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