Sew & Tell | Sienna of Not A Primary Color

Sew & Tell | Sienna of Not A Primary Color | Grainline Studio

When we saw this Stowe on Instagram, we knew we had to show you all what Sienna did with the pattern. It’s sewn to perfection and the print is so great. Read on the find out what her personal touches were to this beaut.

Name Sienna

Where can we find you online? Not A Primary Color

Link to your post about this project Not A Primary Color

Which pattern did you use? Stowe Bag

What type of fabric or other materials did you use?

Black cotton duck cloth with a block-printed design.

Sew & Tell | Sienna of Not A Primary Color | Grainline Studio Sew & Tell | Sienna of Not A Primary Color | Grainline Studio

Tell us about your project!

I love a pattern that can be cut and sewn in an afternoon, and the Stowe Bag is just that! I have yet to catch the knitting bug, but I knew the Stowe would be perfect for toting around my sketchbooks and on-the-go art supplies. I chose a sturdy cotton duck so the bag could stand on its own and decided to add a little pizzazz with a hand-printed design. To keep the bias binding from rippling, I topstitched the binding about an 1/8 of an inch from the edge, which also gives it a little more durability. This bag was so easy to make, I’m sure I’ll soon be organizing all of my belongings in Stowes!

7 replies on “Sew & Tell | Sienna of Not A Primary Color

  • Nicole

    Ooh, top-stitching the bias sounds like an excellent idea! I wonder if that’s after you’ve attached it to the bag? I didn’t have that issue with the bias tape I made from RK Essex, but I did with the poly stuff I bought from JoAnns- that rippling is also more noticeable because the color is such a contrast to the bag.

  • Sonia

    That’s gorgeous, thanks for sharing. I really want to make one and fill it with art stuff now. I think I’d like to add embroidery.

  • Colleen

    I like the bag, but I don’t think the handles on the ends seem very practical. I think this would be difficult to carry once you had it filled.

    • Jen

      I’m not quite sure what you mean by the handles on the end. We’ve done a lot of testing and the bag is quite easy to pack and tote both on its own and as a project bag inside another bag. Everyone is of course entitled to their own opinion though!


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