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Tamarack with Pre-Quilted Fabric

*Updated January 9, 2021 to include the Tamarack Hood, Collar & Patch Pocket add on.

Pre-Quilted Tamarak Yardage | Grainline Studio

Pre-Quilted Nani Iro fabric at Miss Matatabi

We've gotten a few questions about yardage from people planning on using pre-quilted fabric as well as batting by the yard. Pre-quilted fabric is exactly what it sounds like, two layers of fabric with batting sandwiched between, then quilted. If you find a pre-quilted fabric it will save you quite a few steps at the beginning of the pattern but it does change a few things.

First off, as far as yardage, you'll simply use the yardage for the main fabric. This means for the jacket you'll be cutting the front, back, and sleeves.

You'll notice the main fabric also has you cutting the welts and whether or not you do this is going to depend on your personal preference. Do you want the welts to match the body of the jacket? If yes then cut them from the pre-quilted fabric. The other option is to cut them from a complimentary fabric as you'll also need to do for the pocket linings and bias binding.

Can you cut the pocket linings and binding from your pre-quilted fabric? Well technically yes but it's going to be a bit of a pain and very bulky. I'd absolutely recommend choosing a single layer fabric that goes with the main fabric for the pocket linings. The binding, personally I wouldn't use pre-quilted fabric for mine because it really is bulky, but I've seen it done. If you're set on using the main fabric for your binding I'd recommend doing a test piece to make sure you're okay with the final look and working with it.

So if you are going to use a complimentary fabric for your pockets & binding you're going to need 1/2 yard for the binding and an additional 1/4 yd for the pocket bags.

For the hood, collar & patch pocket add-on you'll cut the pattern pieces out of your pre-quilted fabric, and continue using whatever binding you've decided on to finish those pieces. Like the jacket, you'll use the main fabric yardage.

I hope that clears up any questions surrounding pre-quilted fabric! If not or you have additional questions, just let me know in the comments below.

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