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Tamarack Society Update: Part 04

Alright, it's time for my 4th Tamarack Society Update and I've finally got my pieces quilted! It didn't take that long once I got going, honestly committing to the pattern and chalking it out took the longest. I always forget how quickly quilting goes once you actually get started. Need to apply this to the basted quilt I have upstairs in my house...maybe this winter. Anyway! Here's where I'm at with my Tamarack!

Tamarack Society Update: Part 04 | Grainline Studio

The front is definitely my favorite part of the jacket. Try to ignore the chalk basting grid if you can, I haven't had a chance to rub it out yet. You can see I followed the quilting pattern of the original Isabel Marant jacket that I started with as my inspiration for this variation. I spaced the front lines out about ½″ from each other, while the diagonals are spaced 1¼″ apart. The diagonals are on the 45° bias from the center front, and pivot up at the side seams, then pivot again at the center back. I love the way it turned out and I can't wait to wash it up once the jacket is completed so it gets nice and puffy!

Tamarack Society Update: Part 04 | Grainline Studio

The lower half of the jacket is horizontal lines following the curve of the hem, from one front to the other. Like the lines on the top, these are also spaced 1¼″ apart.

Tamarack Society Update: Part 04 | Grainline Studio

Same for the sleeves, the lines follow the hem and are spaced 1¼″ apart. My goal for this week is to assemble the body and get ready to insert the pockets. I'll definitely need to do a sample because it's been a while since I did a double welt, but I think it should go pretty smoothly.

Tamarack Society Update: Part 04 | Grainline Studio

I've been watching some amazing jackets come to life over in the Tamarack Society Instagram hashtag and it's so motivating to get my own coat done! If you haven't checked it out yet, definitely head over there and take a peek, it's great weekend browsing! I'll be checking in again soon with hopefully a wearable coat - though likely one still without pockets. Slow and steady right?

Tamarack Society Update: Part 04 | Grainline StudioTamarack Society Update: Part 04 | Grainline Studio

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