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Tamarack Progress Update: Week 02

We've been steadily working on our Tamarack Society jackets in-between our other work so I'm here today to show off our progress so far!

Tamarack Progress: Week 02 | Grainline Studio

>I spent most of last week getting ready for Camp Workroom Social so I didn't have a ton of time to work on my Tamarack but I did sew up my pattern in this pre-quilted fabric we had left over from developing the Tamarack pattern a few years ago. I wanted to double check that it worked in a quilted fabric since there's quite a bit of quilting and I changed the pattern substantially. I'm really happy with how this worked so I'm going to cut my fabric this weekend! I also plan to test out the double welt pockets on this sample before I go to town on my actual garment since it's been a bit since I installed a pocket with a double welt.

Tamarack Progress Update: Lexi's Tamarack | Grainline Studio

Lexi has been doing a lot more Tamarack sewing and is cruising right along! Her body is quilted and assembled, her welt pockets are in, and she's bound the edges of the body. I cannot wait to see this with the sleeves in! Lexi also has something really cool planned for the sides of the jacket but I'll wait to tell you more until she's to that part. How are your Tamarack Society jackets going? I'll be catching up on the hashtag this weekend since I had no internet at camp. I'm so excited by what I've seen so far though, you guys are killing it!

Tamarack Progress Update | Grainline StudioTamarack Progress Update | Grainline StudioTamarack Progress Update | Grainline StudioTamarack Progress Update | Grainline Studio

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