Tamarack Inspiration

It’s the time of year… when you leave the house and wish you could just wear your quilt out and stay cozy all day. The Tamarack Jacket can help you out with that! It’s a warm and stylish quilted coat that is perfect for fall. Here is some inspiration we found that has us excited to make our own!


If you're looking to keep your Tamarack classic and neat choose a solid fabric with a similarly colored lining. This lets your quilting - and the rest of your outfit - shine!


Prints and patterns work great for the Tamarack. Have a really great yarn dyed fabric, quilting cotton, or lightweight cotton canvas? This pattern lets the fabric shine and adds a pop of fun to a dreary fall day.


Are you a quilter looking to take your craft out of the house (or bedroom, where ALL of our quilts end up no matter where they were meant for) for the world to see? You can easily piece the top layers of fabric with any pattern and colors you choose! Bonus, you can use up scraps from other projects this way!


Want the look of a pieced jacket but not into quilting? Find an old quilt and cut your pieces from it! The two jackets above are actually cut from vintage quilts which is such a cool idea for one you'd like to show off! Hope you're feeling inspired and ready to shop for fabrics. We'll be back tomorrow with some swatch suggestions! In the meantime, what sort of Tamarack are you planning?
All images are from our Tamarack Inspiration board on Pinterest
Tamarack Inspiration | Grainline Studio

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