Our Favorite Fall Coats

The weather is cooling down which can only mean one thing....it's time to sew coats! Here at Grainline we absolutely love designing, creating, sewing, and wearing coats. They're a great project to really sink your teeth into, and are excellent skill builders as well. Plus we really love cozy season. There's also the fact that you get to proudly display your hard work daily with a coat since they're able to be worn day after day without odd looks from your friends and co-workers 😜

With that in mind we're sharing three of our favorite fall coat patterns! All three are available in sizes 0-18 and 14-32 as well as in both PDF or Print format.

Tamarack Jacket

What is there to say about the Tamarack that hasn't already been said? This is one of our all time most popular patterns and allows you to get as creative as you'd like. If you haven't tried it, now's a perfect time to see why it's such a beloved pattern in the sewing community! We also have a hood & collar add-on to be used with the original pattern as well as a free design sheet download which you can use to plan your jacket's quilting before you get started.

Thayer Jacket

The Thayer Jacket is one of my personal favorites, I love how practical and useful this workwear inspired coat is. The topstitching emphasizes the lines of the jacket in a beautiful way, but can easily be done in the same color as your coat if you're worried about your topstitching skills. Either way this is an easy to grab jacket that will keep you warm for seasons to come!

Cortland Trench

For those of you in slightly milder climates the Cortland Trench is a must-sew! It can be made up in a wide variety of fabric, from a beautiful heavy linen, sturdy cotton twill, drapey rayon blends, and more. I've personally got one on my cutting table in a waterproof cotton twill that I'm really excited about!

Mentioned Products

  • Cortland Trench 0 – 18
    Cortland Trench 0 – 18
  • Cortland Trench 14 – 30
    Cortland Trench 14 – 30
  • Tamarack Hood, Collar, & Patch Pockets Variation Add-on 0 – 32 (PDF only)
    Tamarack Hood, Collar, & Patch Pockets Variation Add-on 0 – 32 (PDF only)
  • Tamarack Jacket 0 – 18
    Tamarack Jacket | Grainline Studio
  • Tamarack Jacket 14 – 30/32
    Tamarack Jacket 14 – 30/32
  • Tamarack Quilting Design Sheets
    Tamarack Quilting Design Sheets
  • Thayer Jacket 0 – 18
    Thayer Jacket 0 – 18