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Jen's Me Made May Recap

Jen's Me Made May Recap | Grainline Studio

Willow Tank Dress | Penny Raglan

Every year when Me Made May rolls around I get a little stressed out. I have no problem wearing handmade garments most days of the week, but the pressure to take a selfie every day is a little overwhelming for me. Those of you who've been around here for a long time know that ironically, for a business that started as a blog, I hate having my photo taken. This year I decided to relieve some of the pressure on myself and just take photos when I thought I had outfits worth snapping for one reason or another, whether they were me made or by one of the small designers I love, when I happened to remember. I documented my Me Made May over on my personal Instagram account so as not to clog up the Grainline account with a million selfies.

Jen's Me Made May Recap | Grainline Studio

 Willow Tank, Driftless Cardigan, Skiff Hat | Personal Coat Pattern

I didn't learn too much about my wardrobe over the last month, but it did reinforce something that I've already known to be true. My handmade wardrobe is shrinking! Unfortunately I don't have a ton of time outside of designing, drafting, testing, blogging, and everything else involved in running a business to sew anything for myself. Most of what I have at this point are garments from about 2 years ago or samples I stole from the testing phase of patterns.

Jen's Me Made May Recap | Grainline Studio

Linden Sweatshirt, Skiff Hat | Tamarack Jacket, Hemlock Tee

Probably the main reason though is that I haven't had a sewing machine at home for the last two years. It's not that I don't want one here, quite the opposite, but I just don't have room as Jon (my husband) and I have been living in a 500 sq foot apartment. That square footage includes the bathroom and closets! It's been really frustrating and at times really depressing for me to not be able to have fun doing what was originally my favorite hobby, outside of work. Any time I would go in to work with the intentions of sewing for myself I would inevitably end up working as having a small business means that there is ALWAYS something you should be doing! I've gotten really good at leaving work at work these days for the health of my mind, body and relationships, but once I get back into work I'm unable to not work. Ha!

Jen's Me Made May Recap | Grainline Studio

Hemlock Tee | Penny Raglan


Jen's Me Made May Recap | Grainline Studio

Lucinda Sweater | Stone Lake Sweater

While I haven't had any sewing time, I have been buying fabric to replace the garments I love that have worn out over the past few years which means I've accumulated a mini-personal stash. I'll be moving soon and will once again be able to have a dedicated home sewing space and I'm so unbelievably happy about that fact! Can you even believe I've gone so long without a home sewing setup of any kind?! I really can't!

Jen's Me Made May Recap | Grainline Studio

Penny Raglan | Alder & Archer Mash-up

One of my personal goals coming out of Me Made May for this summer (and beyond!) is to really start working through my stash, both fabric and yarn. Neither are huge but I'd love to get through the bulk of it since they're all lovely fabric and yarns I bought for a purpose. It's kind of sad when things with a purpose don't get to live that out isn't it?

Jen's Me Made May Recap | Grainline Studio

Personal Coat Pattern, Elizabeth Suzann Top | Lauren Winter Dress

I've already started with my yarn and have been posting my progress on my personal Instagram account (@jen_beeman) with the hashtag #summerstashproject. If anyone else is working through their stash this summer, yarn or fabric, feel free to jump in on that tag! I'd love to see what you're doing with what you have and see some of these stash goodies make it free from bags and bins under our beds and in the backs of our closets!

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