It's Time for Summer Sewing!

Summer Sewing with Grainline Studio


The weather is heating up and it's time to start sewing for summer! In addition to our classic summer patterns, we also have an extensive library of pattern variations! These variations not only help you get more mileage out of each style, but you'll improve your pattern adjustment and sewing skills with every variation you make. We've pulled a few of our favorites here, take a look and see what inspires you for your future wardrobe!

1. Gathered Scout Tee: In this tutorial we show you how to add a gathered panel to your Scout Tee. This would also be an amazing dress if you added another tier or two to the bottom!

2. Cropped Willow Tank: One of my favorite pattern hacks is this cropped Willow Tank. It's so easy and looks amazing with high waisted pants. Bonus - it hardly takes any fabric so you're sure to have something in your fabric stash that's perfect!

3. Gathered Waist Willow Dress: Gathered skirt dresses are all the rage right now and very easy to sew up. Make yours with one tier, or add multiples for added fullness!

4. Uniform Tunic Dress: The Uniform Tunic is a great base for pattern modifications. In this tutorial we show you how to lengthen your tunic into a dress. This is a summer staple!

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