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Grainline Studio | Gift Guide

How is your holiday shopping going? This is a very stressful and joyous time of year. We hope that you are feeling the latter more! It’s also a cozy time of year and we put this gift guide together for the people who probably appreciate coziness the most… quilters. We hope this guide gives you some pointers on what to give your special quilter.

Grainline Studio | Gift Guide

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1. These Rifle Paper Company fat quarters are the perfect addition to any quilters stash. The prints are so beautiful and festive.

2. The Tamarack! Our very own quilted jacket pattern. Wearing a quilt is the only way to get through these blustery winter days.

Grainline Studio | Gift Guide

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3. Chalk pencils are great for marking designs on quilts and these ones are also cute!

4. Sashiko thread. The Japanese have been using it for hand stitching as far back as the Edo period beginning in 1603. A quilt enthusiast will love experimenting with Sashiko stitching techniques.

Grainline Studio | Gift Guide

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5. Fog linen binding tape. This tape is used to encase the raw edges of quilts, it can also be used as ribbon. 6. Tag gun for quilting. It makes sandwiching your layers together so easy. This is a life changing tool.

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    Tamarack Hood, Collar, & Patch Pockets Variation Add-on 0 – 30 (PDF only)
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    Tamarack Jacket | Grainline Studio
  • Tamarack Jacket 14 – 30
    Tamarack Jacket 14 – 30