Blue Lace Watson

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Blue Lace Watson | Grainline Studio A few weeks ago it was boiling hot outside and I was trying to figure out what to wear to stand outside in the sun all day at a music fest here in Chicago. I ended up making this silk/rayon shirt but being as it was a bit sheer, I wanted something underneath it that said "yes, I know my shirt is semi-sheer" and not the opposite. Enter the long line version of the Watson Bra. Blue Lace Watson | Grainline Studio This is actually the second Watson I've made. The first was from a kit from Blackbird and although the bra turned out beautifully and it's comfortable, I kind of hate the way it looks on me. I think the proportion of the cups hits a bit high on me and it isn't balanced out with the shorter band. It's just a personal preference based on what I'm used to wearing, but it's enough that I don't grab it from my drawer very often. While I may not be totally enthralled with the short version on myself I really love the long version! Blue Lace Watson | Grainline Studio If you've never made a bra before the Watson is a great place to start. Amy has all the information you could possibly need to make a great looking finished garment, down to the stitch lengths and widths for each separate piece of elastic. Blue Lace Watson | Grainline Studio I also recommend grabbing a kit if you're new to bra making since there are so many small pieces you need to collect. I started with one of Blackbird's full kits for my first bra, and since I'm kind of busy and don't have a ton of time, nor the desire, to trawl websites looking for matching components, I ordered a findings kit and strapping from Caroline for this one as well. The lace I ordered from Etsy, just searched "stretch lace" and this came up in a color I liked. It's definitely not the highest of quality, but it's cute and it got the job done. Since I didn't do a muslin for this pattern I didn't want to spend a lot on lace in case it didn't work out. Blue Lace Watson | Grainline Studio As I mentioned above, it's super comfy to wear. I was worried because I'd never worn a long line bra before but I found it actually a bit more comfortable than other standard length bralette style bras. I measured according to Amy's instructions and went off her sizing chart and I found the sizing ran pretty true to size for me which felt good since I was diving right into actual fabric. As far as how supportive it is, I don't really know. I'm not one who typically needs too much of that stuff. I'm a pretty solid b and it worked out great for me. Blue Lace Watson | Grainline Studio I have a feeling at least one more of these will be entering my wardrobe before fall, and I'd also like to try another short version where I adjust the proportions of the cups a bit to not sit quite so high. I have a feeling that just a bit shorter on them and I'll be loving it. Blue Lace Watson | Grainline Studio There are so many bra patterns out there right now, it's really exciting. I currently have all the supplies for the Marlborough, I just need to find time to make it happen. Have you guys tried bra-making? What patterns have you tried? Any great places to find fabrics? Spill it!