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Back in Stock: Tamarack and Lark Paper Patterns!

Back in Stock: Tamarack and Lark | Grainline Studio

We're so excited that, after a bit of a wait while we slightly redesigned the way our envelopes are printed, that the Tamarack and Lark paper patterns are back in stock! These are two of our most popular patterns – with good reason! They make great transitional garments and will get lots of wear in your wardrobe right now.

Lark Tee Sew-Along from Grainline Studio Sewing Patterns

If you're new to working with knits, or just need a bit of extra encouragement, we have a full Lark Sew-Along on the blog – just click the image above or the Learn tab in our menu at the top of the site. Everything you need to know to master knits is included in our free tutorials!

Lark Tee Sew-Along from Grainline Studio Sewing Patterns

We also have a full sew-along for the Tamarack Jacket! Sewing an entire quilted jacket with welt pockets might seem overwhelming but we guide you through with ease, you won't believe how easy it actually is!

You can grab the patterns using the links below and let us know if you make them! Tag us @grainlinestudio on Instagram or using the hashtag #grainlinestudio!


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