A Collection of Tamarack Jackets Made By You!

 Our favorite thing about the Tamarack Jacket is that it is such a blank canvas for creativity and customization. Over the years, since we first released the pattern in 2016, we have been amazed by all the beautifully unique Tamaracks out there in the world. Lately, we have been especially inspired by all those who have embraced the "quilt" in quilted jacket.

I've been working on a post about utilizing some of our favorite quilt patterns to create the fabric design for a more stylized version of the Tamarack and wanted to include your makes to showcase the application in practice. However I was having a terrible time trying to narrow down which jackets to use. You guys have made so many AMAZING jackets!

Which is why I decided to split the post into two and take this opportunity to share a small collection of the unbelievably gorgeous quilted Tamarack Jackets sewn up by you!

From left to right: @double_thread | @nitahug.makes | @thelilacelk | @k8.meagher | @sarahb_sews 

From left to right: @missmake | @_jansy_ | @tina1802 | @daytimesequins | @freetimefibers | @madebynee

From left to right: @alderwoodstudio | @little_boop | @carnivalandcrown | @ra.makes | @queen_city_quilts | @stylishlygoodvibes

From left to right: @jessicajquirk | @burrieddiamond | @maeberrysquare | @katiekortmanart | @madebysyaza | @hannahktb

From left to right: @ceithern | @getzmadeco | @seinfeld_wench | @lene.hinz | @stitch.in.the.ditch | @kodiak.quilting

Thank you to all of you for taking our pattern and running wild with it! We love to see it! Please continue to tag us at @GrainlineStudio and @TamarackJacket so we can continue to find, share, and be inspired by your work!

Keep an eye out for part 2 of this post filled with quilt pattern inspiration to use for the Tamarack!

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