Fall ’17 Wardrobe Plans (and a discount code!)

Fall '17 Sewing Plans | Grainline Studio

I had a hard time getting my Fall ’17 wardrobe plans together this year. It’s hard when what you love doing becomes your job, and after all these years the balance between work sewing and fun sewing is still something I struggle with. It’s been such a busy year here behind the scenes that I almost felt like I didn’t have the mental space to really plan anything out. Due to said behind the scenes work I also haven’t had time to sew much for myself this year, so I really didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to work out some sewing plans, and not planning means not sewing.

When I originally started thinking about what I wanted to make this season, I felt so overwhelmed with work that I had to really break things down and start simply with this Fall ’17 Inspiration post. From there I laid out a few knitting plans in this post, and collected patterns from my friends that I’ve been wanting to sew since each of these came out. I then made a list in my notebook arranging outfits comprised of these lists and the following is what I came up with. I’m excited to have everything laid out so I don’t have to choose what’s next when I finally get a bit of time to sew for myself. Usually I can’t figure out what to work on next because there are so many options so instead of sewing I just knit.

I’ve laid out 6 looks that I hope to accomplish this season, along with some extra credit because I’m nothing if not delusional about what one human can get done in a day!

Fall '17 Wardrobe Plans | Grainline Studio

Gus Cardigan I talked about this top in my knitting plans post already so I won’t say too much but I think this cardigan will be a real workhorse in my wardrobe. I’m hoping I can get it finished relatively quickly since it’s stockinet, but we’ll see!

Hadley Top I’ve been wanting to make a Hadley using the high neck of View A combined with the straight back of View B for layering. I’ll be making this one in this dreamy dusty silk noil from Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics and and don’t worry, I’ll do a post about what you need to do to combine these two views.

M7445 This is a new pants style for me! My plan is to pair View C with the two garments above so that I have some familiar shapes in the mix, kind of easing into them I guess. I’ve been meaning to make these since this summer but I’ve finally got them cut and muslined and I’m now thinking I need to switch up my fabric choice. I was going to use a cotton twill but I’m now thinking something a bit more flowy may be in order so fabric is TBD on these at the moment.

Fall '17 Wardrobe Plans | Grainline Studio

Exeter Cardigan This one I’ve been working on for a little over a month now and am working on the sleeves. I’m using Quince and Co. Owl in Bog and you can see my progress so far on my personal IG account. This cardigan is going to be amazing for layering, which I need since in 1919 insulation wasn’t really a thing.

Archer Button Up I’ll be making View A with the straight cuffs from View B. It’s sadly been a while since I’ve had time to make any Archers for myself and since they’re one of my most worn garment the ones I have are not in great shape. I purchased this super cute plaid from Imagine Gnats and can’t wait to get this one going!

Safran Jeans Pretty excited about this one. I’ve never used a Deer & Doe pattern before but I’ve been wanting to for a while! I’ve heard such great things about this pattern I’m diving in. I’ll be using some Cone Mills denim purchased from Fancy Tiger a million years ago. So jazzed.

Fall '17 Wardrobe Plans | Grainline Studio

Berlin Jacket This cutie from Tessuti will be made up in a perfect rusty brick boiled wool from Stonemountain. It gets pretty chilly at work in the winter between when the radiators kick off and on, so I feel like this could potentially end up living there.

Lark Dress I actually don’t own one of these yet, despite having a million of them at work. The plan is to make a long sleeved, A-line, shorter version with either a scoop or boat neck. Undecided on that point yet but I’m thinking about this charcoal tiny rib jersey from Blackbird Fabrics.

Fall '17 Wardrobe Plans | Grainline Studio

Farrow Dress Because you can never have enough Farrow dresses! Actually I only have 2, a linen summer version and a wool/cotton blend winter version. I’d really like to have a more flowy winter version to wear with tights and ankle boots. I’m waiting on swatches of two fabrics from Stonemountain, though at the moment I’m leaning towards this one.

Fall '17 Wardrobe Plans | Grainline Studio

Kochi Kimono Baby’s first Kimono! I’ll be making view 3, though I may add pockets, not sure yet. This will be a deep blue silk noil affair which will be breathable, soft, and warm. I have a few tops I can imagine layering it with already.

Willow Tank I drew this with a Hadley in the photo but while putting this together I changed my mind once I decided which fabric to use. I can’t find a link to what I’m planning, but it’s Liberty Lawn and the pattern is called Alma.

I’ll be wearing my RTW jeans with this outfit since it seems quite hard finding true black denim, plus I love the fit of my favorite jeans!


Fall '17 Wardrobe Plans | Grainline Studio

Winter Coat The pattern is forthcoming on this one, but it’s the same as this navy blue coat I made for my wedding and have worn nonstop every cold day since. The fabric is a wool/cashmere blend I picked up at Mood when I was in NYC, and I’ll most likely be lining it with a grey bemberg.

Hadley Top Same as the first Hadley above, view A front with view B back…as long as my first one turns out great that is! I’ll be using the Stonemountain silk noil again but in the same white I used for the Hadley sample.

I’ll pair this look with either my Safran jeans or my RTW ones. Honestly I’m sure it the coat will be paired with everything, but for the sake of the outfit we’ll say those.

So that’s what I’m planning for this season! I have a few extra credit garments if things go super well for me (remember when I said I was delusional?) but we’ll discuss those later. I love all the discussion going on in the comments lately so fill me in. Have you made a sewing plan for fall? If so what’s on it? Also fill us in on any hot fabric tips for the season!

Speaking of hot fabric tips, lets talk about that discount I mentioned in the post title. You may have noticed all the Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics links in this post, well they’re solidly crushing the natural fabrics in fall/70’s inspired colors scene right now and I can’t seem to stop ordering from them. Seriously, it’s a problem right now. Lauren from Stonemountain and I have been going back and forth on colors and drape and she kindly offered a discount code for our readers. If you enter GRAINLINE15 at checkout you’ll receive 15% off your order. Coupon expires November 30th at 11:59 PST. Time to snatch up allllllll the silk noil and boiled wool…and maybe a pattern or two also!

19 replies on “Fall ’17 Wardrobe Plans (and a discount code!)

  • erniek3

    At 58, wardrobe planning is a flow chart: do the pants still fit? Yes/No. In this case, yes, but worn out.

    What I am working on is making a winter coat that doesn’t look like I’m going to a funeral. I have been to enough of them over the few years, and I would like to be in a water-resistant print, have pockets, and sleeves that my shirtsleeves fit into (and isn’t it the year of the sleeve? The GINORMOUS sleeve?).

    Some nice choices here. Sew on!

    • Jen

      Hahah it is the year of the sleeve I suppose! I’ve never been a super trend follower so I keep forgetting about that. Have you found fabric for your coat yet? It sounds like it’s going to be great!

  • dpass

    I love your sewing plans, both the pieces/fabrics and the orderly way you’ve laid it all out. I wish I could sew that much in a season 🙂 About to run over to the SMD site to see what I want to get with that discount code!

    • Jen

      I’m not sure I can sew this much in a season honestly, but I do like to dream big I guess, ha! I have that personality disorder where you make a to do list for the day and it contains more than one human can get done in a week so….we’ll see what happens.

  • RavenNemain

    The Coat!! Deliberate capitalization, because I have been stalking it every time it shows up in your photos, and it has reached mythic proportions in my imagination. It is basically The One Coat To Rule Them All. No pressure…

    And love your plans, as always – ambitious, but doable, and will result in a lovely wardrobe!

  • melissa o

    I love these posts! They totally inspire me to get my queue in order. I also love your fabric recommendations as buying fabric online has been so hit or miss for me.

    I’ve added that Berlin Jacket to my list (thank you!) – it looks to be a “quick win” sewing wise. I snapped up some of that boiled wool in camel. Can’t wait!

    I also bought some of that beautiful silk noil for a Hadley that’s been in the queue for a while … That dusty rose totally won me over. I may go back for the black too, ha ha.

    Also on my list is the Kimono Jacket from the newest issue of Making Magazine:
    I’m on a jacket bender right now. I totally blame the sudden change in weather.

    My extra credit includes a ‘Uniform Cardigan’ with yarn from Rhinebeck, a pair of corduory pants, the Lander Pant (this one is a total stretch – pants AND a fly, oh my) and assorted sweaters for the tots. And another Archer.

    I look forward to seeing your outfits come to life! Thanks for the motivation & inspiration 🙂

    • Jen

      Ooh the Berlin jacket in Camel is going to be so good! I made the fatal error of blogging these fabrics before I purchased them myself so now I’m waiting for the dusty rose to go back in stock, ha! I wish we lived closer, I’ve got the Lander pattern and fabric and it would be so fun to sew them together :/ At least we have the internet?

  • Charlotte E

    Thank you so much for introducing me to Stone Mountain Fabrics (via the Hadley sewalong post). I ordered some of their silk noil (and a fair few other fabrics) and was very impressed with their customer service and international shipping rates. Enjoy making your winter wardrobe. Every piece looks great and well coordinated.

  • julieannevonbergen

    Thanks for the inspiration. The website is telling me the coupon code does not exist, is there a way to activate it? Thanks.

    • Jen

      Make sure you copy it exactly as written in this post, it’s definitely been working for other people. If you can’t get it working contact Stonemountain and they’ll be able to help you out. It’s not our shop so we can’t really offer much in the way of tech support there.

  • Ariane Khachatourians

    My motto these days is “underachieve” (to try and counteract my otherwise ridiculous/unnecessary pressure on myself!) so I only have two things on my list between now and the new year: another Toaster Sweater (which I just started on) and the Sew Liberated Metamorphic dress. And I have a bunch of little fun + easy non-garment projects in my queue too, like making some new cloth napkins and little curtains for the dining room. Low stress sewing is where it’s at, cause I totally lost my mojo after a long and arduous blazer project over the summer!

    • Melyssa

      Yes I totally relate to this! I make myself overwhelmed with things I want to sew (and wear!). It is so silly when you think about it. For me it’s one project at a time at the moment.

    • Jen

      Man I could really use to take this motto to heart. Instead I plan 10x what a normal human can do and get really upset that I didn’t finish it all. Low stress is the way to be and those projects sound perfect!

  • Marie Carter

    I love this post and have sewing plans too….
    #1 Another Hadley LS – in a wonderful drapey rayon print from Atelier Brunette
    #2 Farrow Dress LS – this is your fault – I was going to wait for the summer to make a sleeveless version in linen and then you posted your black LS version….;)
    #3 Hemlock tee in Sand in LS wool blend jersey
    #4 Varda top or SOI Ultimate Shift top in Ivory crepe (LS)
    #5 Another Linden LS in navy/gold dot Atelier Brunette french terry

    I also have a sweater on my needles but can’t talk about it (test knit), but so far it is the most wonderful pullover !

  • Marta Sullivan

    I have some Liberty of London fabric purchased in London, of course, for the Farrow dress. Need to find time to get over to my studio and start sewing. I also have Liberty washed linen for a pair of pants. Like you coat ideas.

    • Jen

      Ooh that sounds amazing! I made a Farrow out of Liberty Lantana and it’s one of my favorite things ever. Finding the time is always the hard part isn’t it :/


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