Archer Sew-Along

Join us as we sew our popular Archer Button-Up Shirt!

In this sew-along you’ll learn basic pattern alterations for your Archer, construct and attach a shirt collar, set sleeves, insert buttons & buttonholes, and much more!

This is a great series for anyone just starting out sewing with sewing shirts as well as for people looking to pick up additional shirt-making tips.

Archer Video Lessons

Day 1: Intro, Fabric & Supplies

In this video we go over the pattern, walk you through the tools and supplies you'll need to complete your own Archer, and show you what the Archer looks like made up in a wide variety of fabrics.

Day 2: Choosing a Size & Pattern Adjustments

In this lesson we walk you through the process of choosing the proper size. Then we run through how to do some of the most common pattern adjustments to guarantee you achieve a fit you love!

Day 3: Cutting & Marking Your Fabric

Cutting the Archer can seem overwheming but in this video we break it down for you clearly and concisely. We also discuss cutting for plaids, stripes, and prints.

Day 4: Assembling the Pockets

In this video we focus on selecting and cutting your fusible interfacing. Interfacing can be confusing but we walk you through the different types, applications and exactly how and were to fuse your Archer.

Day 5: Assembling the Button Bands

It's time to assemble the button bands! This is a quick step, but take care while stitching because it's front and center on your shirt. Grab our tips and tricks for great button bands here!

Day 6: Pockets

In this lesson we're forming and attaching our pockets. The pockets are front and center on your shirt so you'll want to make sure you spend the time to get two identical pockets and make sure they're evenly placed!

Day 7: Assembling the Backs

Our fronts are assembled and it's time to prep our backs! Whether you're making View A or View B we've got you covered in this lesson.

Day 8: Yoke Method 1

Follow along as we sew up the yoke using the method described in our pattern instructions. This is a straightforward sewing technique. If you've never sewn a yoke before this is a great place to start!

Day 9: Yoke Method 2

Here we walk you through our fool proof burrito method for a perfect yoke every time – you'll never attach anything the wrong way round again! If you've ever struggled with this method this video is for you.

Day 10: Inserting the Plackets

Sleeve plackets are something something that a lot of people struggle with, but I've developed some best practices over the years that can really help you insert these with ease.

Day 11: Setting the Sleeves

Setting the sleeves means it's almost time to try on your Archer! Learn how we easily set our sleeves and avoid puckers in this lesson. You'll be a sleeve pro!

Day 12: Sewing the Side Seams

This is a quick lesson but an important one – your Archer is now resembling a shirt! So sew up those side seams and try it on!

Day 13: Assembling & Attaching the Collar

In this lesson we're walking you through the steps necessary to assemble and attach your shirt collar. Take things one step at a time as we sew through this technique together and you'll be a collar pro in no time!

Day 14: Attaching the Cuffs

Another quick lesson for you today – attaching your cuffs! After this there's just hemming and buttons & buttonholes so I hope you're getting excited to wear your finished Archers!

Day 15: Hemming

This lesson is all about hemming! We're walking you through the traditional 1/4" double fold hem we use in the pattern instructions, as well as how to use the differential feed on your serger for a neat shirttail hem.

Day 16: Sewing the Side Seams

It's the final lesson , inserting our buttonholes and attaching our buttons! In this video I walk you though how to place your buttonholes, mark your button placement, and how to sew on your buttons by machine or by hand.

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