Your Favorites are Back in Stock!

Your Favorites are Back in Stock! | Grainline Studio

We've been getting a lot of emails asking when we'd be getting a restock of certain patterns so I wanted to let you all know that the Cascade, Willow, Farrow, Linden, Lark and Stowe paper patterns are now back in stock!

Mentioned Products

  • Cascade Duffle Coat
    Cascade Duffle Coat | Grainline Studio
  • Farrow Dress 0 – 18
    Farrow Dress | Grainline Studio
  • Lark Tee
    Lark Tee | Grainline Studio
  • Linden Sweatshirt
    Linden Sweatshirt | Grainline Studio
  • Stowe Bag
  • Willow Tank & Dress 0 – 18
    Willow Tank & Dress | Grainline Studio