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You Guys are the Best

Grainline Studio | Thank You

(random unrelated instagram photos so this isn't an imageless post)

I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who commented on my previous post about the evolution of my handmade wardrobe and how I got to where I'm at today. I'm blown away by your thoughtful comments and the stories you've shared. I've read, and re-read them and it's just amazing to me that so many of us share such similar stories. It's also reaffirmed to me why I love my job and how lucky I am to get to share patterns, garments, photos, stories, etc. with all of you! It's a great way to start out the Thanksgiving week here, I know I'm incredibly lucky to have such a loving and supportive family which has no doubt helped me to get where I am. Never once have they vocalized that they were worried about the odd, long, and often financially broke path I took to get here, though I'm sure they must have felt that way! My dad helped me almost every day for weeks to get my studio in operating order this summer and my mom is always there to talk through any problem I might be having with fabric, weird construction ideas, or whatever random stuff I come up with. I know from going to art school twice that not everyone is as lucky as I am with this area. Every time someone tags me in a photo of one their garments, or emails me that they finally made their first piece of clothing using one of my patterns, I feel so proud. Not proud of myself (cause I never really stop to think about that, post for another day perhaps) but proud that this person decided that they wanted to try to make this garment and damn it, they did! This maybe reads a little lame (I'm kind of past caring if people on the internet think I'm lame or weird though) but Go Team Us! It's amazingly powerful to know that all of us are out there supporting each other!

I almost didn't let that post go live, I almost cancelled it about 5x the night before and woke up early stressing that people would think I'd gone off my rocker, but I'm glad I just went with it and posted. Thank you guys for being so supportive over the short life of this business, you're what keeps me going with the next pattern, the next tutorial, the next whatever. Thank you.